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This Perl script takes an export file from Delicious and imports the bookmarks into Evernote, creating one note for each bookmark. This script is slow if you have a large number of bookmarks because it has to create the notes one at a time. I hope the Evernote API will one day support batch note creation.

Customize this script by adding your Evernote API consumer key and secret before you use it.


# Import Delicious bookmarks into Evernote.
# Usage: importdel.pl evernote_user evernote_password bookmarks_file
# This script takes as input a bookmarks file exported from Delicious. It
# creates a notebook and posts each bookmark as a note in that notebook.

use Thrift;
use Thrift::BinaryProtocol;
use Thrift::HttpClient;

# Evernote's EDAM Thrift bindings (we `use' evrything here)

use EdamErrors::Constants;
use EdamErrors::Types;

use EdamLimits::Constants;
use EdamLimits::Types;

use EdamNoteStore::Constants;
use EdamNoteStore::Types;

use EdamTypes::Constants;
use EdamTypes::Types;

use EdamUserStore::Constants;
use EdamUserStore::Types;

use NoteStore;
use UserStore;

use warnings;
use strict;
use Getopt::Std;

use Data::Dumper;

# change those variables to your needs

my $EVERNOTE_SERVER = 'www.evernote.com'; # server name; use sandbox.evernote.com for testing
my $CONSUMER_KEY = '???'; # your 'consumer key' string you received from Evernote
my $CONSUMER_SECRET = '???'; # your 'consumer secret' string you received from Evernote

# internal variables

my $USERSTORE_URL = "https://$EVERNOTE_SERVER/edam/user";
my $NOTESTORE_URL = "https://$EVERNOTE_SERVER/edam/note";

<!DOCTYPE en-note SYSTEM "http://xml.evernote.com/pub/enml.dtd">


sub edamErrorCodeAsString {
  my $code = shift;
  return 'UNKNOWN'		if ($code eq &EDAMErrors::EDAMErrorCode::UNKNOWN);
  return 'BAD_DATA_FORMAT'	if ($code eq &EDAMErrors::EDAMErrorCode::BAD_DATA_FORMAT);
  return 'PERMISSION_DENIED'	if ($code eq &EDAMErrors::EDAMErrorCode::PERMISSION_DENIED);
  return 'INTERNAL_ERROR'	if ($code eq &EDAMErrors::EDAMErrorCode::INTERNAL_ERROR);
  return 'DATA_REQUIRED'	if ($code eq &EDAMErrors::EDAMErrorCode::DATA_REQUIRED);
  return 'LIMIT_REACHED'	if ($code eq &EDAMErrors::EDAMErrorCode::LIMIT_REACHED);
  return 'QUOTA_REACHED'	if ($code eq &EDAMErrors::EDAMErrorCode::QUOTA_REACHED);
  return 'INVALID_AUTH'		if ($code eq &EDAMErrors::EDAMErrorCode::INVALID_AUTH);
  return 'AUTH_EXPIRED'		if ($code eq &EDAMErrors::EDAMErrorCode::AUTH_EXPIRED);
  return 'DATA_CONFLICT'	if ($code eq &EDAMErrors::EDAMErrorCode::DATA_CONFLICT);
  return 'ENML_VALIDATION'	if ($code eq &EDAMErrors::EDAMErrorCode::ENML_VALIDATION);
  return 'SHARD_UNAVAILABLE'	if ($code eq &EDAMErrors::EDAMErrorCode::SHARD_UNAVAILABLE);
  return "UNKNOWN ERROR $code";

sub edamErrorObjectAsString {
  my $obj = shift;
  my $error = edamErrorCodeAsString($obj->{errorCode});
  my $param = $obj->{parameter};
  return "$error, $param";

sub edam_connect_userstore {
    print "Connecting to UserStore...\n";

    my $user_http_client = new Thrift::HttpClient($USERSTORE_URL);
    my $user_protocol = new Thrift::BinaryProtocol($user_http_client);
    new UserStoreClient($user_protocol, $user_protocol);

# Call Evernote API with error handling and retry.
sub call_evernote {
    my $func = shift;
    my $errorfunc = shift;

    my $result;
    my $retry_count = 0;
    while (1) {
	eval {
	    $result = $func->();

	if ($@) {
	    # retry if errorfunc returns true.
	    defined($errorfunc) and $errorfunc->() and next;

	    if (defined($@->{errorCode}) and defined($@->{parameter})) {
		die edamErrorObjectAsString($@)."\n";

	    if ($retry_count < 5) {
		++ $retry_count;
		# Retry all unknown errors. This may have to be changed.
		warn "Unknown error: $@\n";
		sleep 1;

	    die "Unknown error: $@\n";

	return $result;

sub edam_check_client_version {
    my $userStore = shift;

    print "Checking client version...\n";
    call_evernote(sub {
	$userStore->checkVersion('Delicious Importer',

sub edam_auth_user {
    my $userStore = shift;
    my $username = shift;
    my $password = shift;

    print "Authenticating user...\n";

    my $result = call_evernote(sub {
	$userStore->authenticate($username, $password,

    print "Authenticated successfully as $result->{user}->{name}.\n";
    ( $result->{authenticationToken}, $result->{user}->{shardId} );

sub edam_refresh_auth {
    my $userStore = shift;
    my $auth = shift;

    print "Refreshing authentication...\n";

    my $result = call_evernote(sub {


sub edam_connect_notestore {
    my $shardID = shift;

    print "Connecting to NoteStore...\n";

    my $note_http_client = new Thrift::HttpClient($NOTESTORE_URL.'/'.$shardID);
    my $note_protocol = new Thrift::BinaryProtocol($note_http_client);
    new NoteStoreClient($note_protocol, $note_protocol);

# Open a notebook or create notebook if it doesn't exist.
sub edam_open_notebook {
    my $auth = shift;
    my $noteStore = shift;
    my $notebook_name = shift;

    print "Fetching the list of notebooks...\n";

    my $serverNotebooks = call_evernote(sub {

    # Check if the notebook exists.
    foreach my $notebook (@$serverNotebooks) {
	if ($notebook->{name} eq $notebook_name) {
	    print "'$notebook_name' notebook found.\n";
	    return $notebook->{guid};

    # Notebook doesn't already exist so create it.
    print "Creating '$notebook_name' notebook...\n";

    my $notebook = new EDAMTypes::Notebook();
    $notebook->{name} = $notebook_name;

    $notebook = call_evernote(sub {
	$noteStore->createNotebook($auth, $notebook);

    print "Notebook guid is {$notebook->{guid}}\n";

sub edam_create_note {
    my $auth = shift;
    my $noteStore = shift;

    my $note = new EDAMTypes::Note();
    $note->{notebookGuid} = shift;
    $note->{title} = shift;
    $note->{tagNames} = shift;
    $note->{active} = 1; # this is an active note, not a 'deleted' one

    my $content = shift;
    my $altcontent = shift;

    $note->{content} = <<EOM;

# print Dumper($note);

    my $retry_content = 0;

    call_evernote(sub {
	    $noteStore->createNote($auth, $note);
	}, sub {
	    if (defined($@->{parameter}) and
		not $retry_content and 
		$@->{parameter} =~ /invalid a href attribute/i) {

		# If Evernote complains about our link, retry with the
		# alternate unlinked version of the note content.

		$note->{content} = <<EOM;
		$retry_content = 1;
		return 1; # Retry the API call.
	    0; # Otherwise, let call_evernote handle the error.

# Parse the posts tag and use the info to generate a notebook name. If the
# posts tag is not found or is missing the update tag, make up a notebook
# name using the current time. Note that this name can still be overridden
# by user option.
sub get_notebook_name {
    my $name;

    while (<>) {
	if (/<posts /) {
	    if (/update="([^"]*)"/) {
		$name = "Delicious $1";
	    else {
		$name = "Delicious ".sprintf("%X", time);
	    return $name;
    die "Can't find posts tag in input.\n";

# Clean up and format the bookmark description to make a note title that
# Evernote will accept.
sub format_title {
    my $desc = shift;
    $desc =~ s/\t/ /g;
    $desc =~ s/[[:^print:]]/ /g;
    $desc =~ s/^\s+//;
    $desc =~ s/\s+$//;
    substr($desc, 0, EDAMLimits::Constants::EDAM_NOTE_TITLE_LEN_MAX);

sub format_link {
    my $href = shift;
    "<a href=\"$href\">$href<\/a>";

sub import_bookmarks {
    my $auth = shift;
    my $userStore = shift;
    my $noteStore = shift;
    my $notebook_guid = shift;

    my $lineno = 0;
    my $curline = '';

    while (<>) {

	# Merge lines until we see a closing tag. Then check if it is a
	# post tag.
	$curline .= $_;
	if (/\/>$/) {

	    if ($curline =~ /<post .*\/>/s) {
		my $post = $&;

		my $href = '';
		my $link = '';
		if ($post =~ /href="([^"]*)"/) {
		    $href = $1;
		    $link = format_link($href);

		my $extended = '';
		$post =~ /extended="([^"]*)"/s and $extended = $1;
		# Turn newlines into HTML linebreaks.
		$extended =~ s/\n/<br \/>/g;

		my $tag = '';
		$post =~ /tag="([^"]*)"/ and $tag = $1;

		my $title = '';
		$post =~ /description="([^"]*)"/s and 
		    $title = format_title($1);

		print "$lineno: Creating note '$title'...\n";
		edam_create_note($auth, $noteStore, $notebook_guid,
		    $title, [ split(' ', $tag) ],
		    "$link<br \/>$extended",
		    # This is an alternate version of the note contents
		    # with the URL unlinked. Use this if we hit an Evernote
		    # href validation error.
		    "$href<br \/>$extended");

		#last if $lineno >= 50;

	    # Need to refresh authentication periodically before the 
	    # token expires.
	    $lineno % 500 == 0 and
		$auth = edam_refresh_auth($userStore, $auth);

	    $curline = '';

sub usage {
    warn <<EOM;
Usage: $0 [-n notebook-name] username password bookmarks-file

    -n notebook-name
	Specifies the name of the notebook to add the bookmarks to. This
	notebook will be created if necessary. If this option is not
	specified, the default name is "Delicious export-date", where
	export-date is the export date extracted from the bookmarks file.
    exit 0;

getopts('n:') or usage();

@ARGV >= 2 or usage();
my $username = shift;
my $password = shift;

my $userStore = edam_connect_userstore();

my $notebook_name = get_notebook_name();
defined $opt_n and $notebook_name = $opt_n;

my ($auth, $shardID) = edam_auth_user($userStore, $username, $password);

my $noteStore = edam_connect_notestore($shardID);

my $notebook_guid = edam_open_notebook($auth, $noteStore, $notebook_name);

import_bookmarks($auth, $userStore, $noteStore, $notebook_guid);


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